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Acetylene chemistry

Two types of product/development product using acetylene that are byproducts manufactured in the ethylene plant of our company are vinyl ether and vinyl phosphonate. We are performing research and development of these monomer and polymer.

Pursuit of possibility afforded by raw materials

Polymers obtained from our vinyl ether and vinyl phosphonate show interesting characteristics. We are continuously pursuing possibility afforded by raw materials.

Possibility of petrochemistry

Various fractions, such as C5, C9, and ethylene bottom oil, can be obtained from our naphtha cracker. These fractions have potential for chemical materials.
We are approaching the development of highly functional products by utilizing our own fractions and manufacturing technology so far cultivated.

Development of functional chemicals

We are promoting technical development and capital investment responding to the requests of customers as the top-ranked supplier of base polymers in the world in the field of semiconductor resist. Our technically excellent points are technology for removing trace metal impurities and quality control technology. We can reduce metal impurities down to ppb (one billionth) order. This activity for continuously improving quality control was recognized by Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, and we received the Japan Quality Recognition Award in 2018.