Possibility of petrochemical

Liquid HydroCarbon Resin

Liquid hydrocarbon resin was developed using a fraction owned by us as the raw material.
It is possible to change the temperature viscosity characteristic responding to the request of customers. In addition, it is possible to select presence/absence of unsaturated bond (hydrogen addition) responding to your request.
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Features of product

Expected application

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Information on properties

Table of development product properties

Representative values of development products are shown.

Behavior of viscosity change for temperature

Solubility for organic solvent

Development product shows good solubility for various organic solvents.

[Test condition] With concentration of 50wt% and at temperature of 25℃
[Test result] +: Soluble, ±: Partially soluble, and ‒: Insoluble

Compatibility for thermoplastic elastomer

Development product shows good compatibility for various styrene elastomers used for adhesives, packaging film, asphalt modifiers, etc.

Test result: +: Compatible, ±: Partially compatible, and ‒: Incompatible

Thermal stability

Measurement condition: TG-DTA, temperature at 80-210°C, temperature rising rate at 5°C/min, and under airflow of 200 mL/min

Example of application

Alternate material of plasticizer (process oil) for hot melt adhesive (HMA)