Acetylene chemistry

Vinylether Monomer

We manufacture vinyl ether monomer using acetylene obtained from our ethylene plant as a raw material. The vinyl ether monomer is manufactured by allowing acetylene to react with alcohol under basic catalyst.
This method is generally called the Reppe reaction.

Features of vinyl ether monomer

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Surface tension

Various reactivities

Although cation polymerizability of vinyl ether monomers is well known generally, a part of the vinyl ether has radical polymerizability. Since we have our unique patent technology, ask us (Project Development Section).
Vinyl ether can perform not only homopolymerization but also copolymerization with glycidyl ether monomer and acrylate/ methacrylate monomer, and it performs complete alternating copolymerization with monomers with high electron accepting property (fluoroolefin and maleic anhydride).
In addition, vinyl ether monomer has reactivity with various reactive functional groups, such as the acetalization reaction and enethiol reaction.

Example of reaction

Cation polymerization (Cooperative research with Osaka University Graduate School of Science Aoshima Laboratory) →Link to Web site of Aoshima Laboratory

Homopolymerization system: Living cation polymerization

<Example of patent> ABA type triblock copolymer and its manufacturing method. Patent No. 5662526

Copolymerization system: Vinyl-added ring-opening cation polymerization with oxirane
Copolymerization system: Controlled cation alternating copolymerization with aldehydes

Radical polymerization (Cooperative research with Fukui University Graduate School of Engineering Sugihara Laboratory) →Link to Sugihara Laboratory Web site

Homopolymerization system: Synthesis of radical polymer by radical stabilization

<Example of patent> Method for manufacturing oxyethylene chain-containing vinyl ether polymer by radical polymerization. Patent No. 7016072

Copolymerization system: Copolymerization with maleic anhydride
Copolymerization system: Copolymerization with fluorine monomer

Low molecular reaction

Ene-thiol reaction
Acetalization reaction/acetal protection

Information on Patent Gazettes

Materials using vinyl ether are reported in many patent gazettes, and their usefulness is verified.
Since they are used in various types of applications, we hope you refer to these for your application.

Ink, paint, developing agent, etc.

Adhesive tape, adhesive agents, sheets, etc.

Imprint, resist, optical member, electronic material member, etc.


Vinylphosphonate Monomer

Vinyl phosphonate monomer is manufactured by the hydrophosphorylation reaction of acetylene.

Features of vinyl phosphonate monomer

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Expected application

Surface treatment agent, chelating agent, detergent, adhesive property improver, dispersing agent and dental material